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The domain industry has grown considerably since 2001. After the DotCom crash of 1999, many domain owners just forgot about their domains. These domains eventually expire and a new business is born. Domain Name Speculation has been around since the start of the Internet, but only recently has it become so popular that most one, two, or even three word domains are gone. Domain names have become valuable "Real Estate" and is now being treated no differently than purchasing an empty lot in a run down neighborhood that you believe will become valuable.

With that being said, the business of Hijacking a domain from an unsuspected owner is highly illegal. Buying domains that contain ligitimate trademarks are also highly frowned upon and that includes misspelled domains like "" or We do not condone or support this type of domain buyer or seller.

DCP is in the business of domain speculation and currently owns over 500+ domains that we plan on developing or selling to needed buyers. For example, we own, that currently contains a "Landing Page" containing links to real estate web sites, but in the future, we may develop it as a New Orleans real estate site that drives traffic to our customers.

If you own multiple domains that are not developed, the best thing you can do is "Monetize" the traffic to your domain by using a 3rd party aggregator of marketing links. How this works is:

A customer of ours sells sewing machines. They use numerous PPC companies to drive traffic to their site. DCP owns the domain which contains links to companies that sell Sewing Machines. Since it is to difficult to maintain all these links on our domain, we use a 3rd party company or "publisher", to provide the splash page on our domain and update the links. Trafficz works directly with the PPC companies to ensure quality traffic is created. Everytime someone clicks on a link on our web site, DCP gets paid a percentage of the price the advertiser, my customer, pays to each PPC provider for that click..

If you really want to drive traffic to your domain, you need to fully "Develop" your domain by using template websites or scripts. These systems are full blown web sites that allow users to purchase product through your site. For example, our domain could be developed to drive traffic to our real estate customers, in return, our customers pay us for each lead the site generates. Although this requires a lot of more effort than using a service like, the traffic your site generates will be much more valuable.

So what domains should you buy? That is a great question! It all depends on what are your goals. If you want to make money on traffic to your domain, then when buying domains, try to find domains that already have traffic. Many of the expiring domain lists will show key things such as # of links in google, ALEXA traffic rankings, and search engine positions. All these items are critical when looking for domains with traffic. However, if you are looking for a domain to develop, than stick with a domain that defines the subject of the site, such as is a site for FSBO homes. There are many other factors that can determine the value of a domain. Hire DCP or a similair company to help you determine the value of a domain prior to purchasing it or bidding on it at a live auction.

So you are ready to get into the Domain Speculation Business? If you need help buying or selling your domains, check out our Domain Brokerage Services. If you just want to register an available domain or see if one is available to register, visit our domain registration partner So what do you do if the domain is not available, but seems to be expiring soon, or you just want to see what domains are becoming available? Services like or make lists available for free, or you can purchase an account at to have lists sent to you.Domains can take up to 60 days to be released and now, many registrars like or will keep the domains for themselves after they exipire, only to auction them off to the highest bidder when they wish.

Here are some great sites to learn more about this exciting new industry.


One of the best services to help you generate revenues for all your domains. With great templates and a brand new dashboard to manage keywords, descriptions, and links, on your domain, TrafficZ has become the standard in monetizing your domain.

Click here to learn more.. has become the standard in reporting domain sales on the Internet. There are great articles on some of the leaders in our industry and information on how to get started. We highly recommend this be your #1 go to place find out what domains have sold in the past week.

Click here to learn more.. was one of the first sites to allow users to buy and sell domain names. An aftermarket of domains, allowing you to search by category as well as list your own domain names, SEDO is a great place to find a domain. With great tools and services, make SEDO the place to list your domains.

Click here to learn more..

So you found a domain that is about ready to expire and you want it. allows you "Catch" a domain when it "drops" or becomes available. Although they can not guarantee that you will be the one to get the domain, we have found SnapNames to be one of the best places to try to secure a name expiring.

Click here to learn more..

If you want to learn more about how DCP can help you find the best domains, please contact us today.

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